Alongside the Global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the world is also tackling an infodemic – of false information and fake news related to the coronavirus and this could also be putting lives at risk.... 
 We all play an important role in stopping the pandemic and basing decisions on reliable and verified information. It is important to separate fact and fiction and dispel the myths around Covid-19’ . (British Consul-General in Vietnam, Ian Gibbons)
This livestream took place on 09 June 2020 featuring British Consul-General in Vietnam, Ian Gibbons, and two health experts – Professor Jeremy Day and PhD student Nguyen Thanh Ha from the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) based in HCMC, Vietnam. The session addresses the harmful popular myths related to COVID-19 prevention and treatment in Vietnam, clarifies information about vaccines, and proposes suggestions on what people can do to protect themselves in the event of second wave. During the livestream, the audience also had an opportunity to directly ask questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and the alongside infodemics. The livestream attracted 3000 views during broadcast.


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